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7. Disclosure Regulation

Due to legal requirements (Art. 3 Disclosure Regulation) we are obliged to provide the following information.

We do not intend to advertise ecological or social features in our investment strategies or for other specific financial instruments:  

- As a company, we want to contribute to a more sustainable and resource-efficient economy. In addition to adhering to sustainability goals in our corporate organization itself, we see it as our task to also sensitize and involve our employees and customers in aspects of sustainability.

- Environmental conditions, social upheavals and / or poor corporate governance can have a negative impact on the value of our customers' investments and assets in several ways. Ultimately, these so-called sustainability risks cannot be fully eliminated. We have developed processes to limit sustainability risks as part of some of the investment strategies we offer.

- To limit sustainability risks, we try to avoid investments in financial instruments that have an increased risk potential. By using various databases with specific sustainability criteria, we see ourselves in a better position to assess financial instruments in terms of environmental, social or governance values. We make use of valuation methods that are recognized in the market.

- The identification of suitable investments to limit sustainability risks may also involve to rely on recognized rating agencies for the selection of financial products in asset management (or for recommendations in investment advice). The specific details result from individual agreements.

- Our company's strategies for incorporating sustainability risks are also incorporated into the company's internal organizational guidelines. The compensation policy is also in line with our strategies for incorporating sustainability risks (Art. 5 Disclosure Regulation).


dolphinvest.eu’s Privacy Policy

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Contact us
If you have questions or comments about your personally identifiable information, our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at: Privacy-Office@dolphinvest.eu.

Our postal address is:
Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH
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General specifications regarding the compensation system
It is the objective of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH to offer its employees a competitive and fair total compensation. This means that the management and the fundamentally non-tariff employees of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH receive an adequate fixed base salary. On top of the base salary a performance-related and/or profit-related compensation (variable compensation) may be added on a discretionary basis.

The compensation arrangements are in line with the strategic objectives of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH and do not counteract them.

The compensation system does not provide any incentives to incur any disproportionate risks and is reviewed for adequateness and, if needed, adjusted annually according to the personnel planning.

Arrangement of the compensation system
The employees of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH receive a competitive base salary and one that is in line with their respective roles.

In addition, some staff – especially those in distribution – receive a performance-related variable compensation. There is no provision for guaranteed variable compensation or contractually fixed severance payments with regards to the employment contracts.

Within the control units there are no incentives that could impair the supervisory function of these units. These areas are predominantly compensated with fixed salaries. During successful financial years, a special payment may be made on a discretionary basis, which will be linked to the overall result of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH.

Compensation parameters
The defining criteria for the level of the base salary are, among others, the relevant work experience and qualifications, the significance of the respective role as well as the general level of compensation within the company.

The decisive compensation parameters for a variable compensation are the development of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH (overall result) as well as, if applicable, the achievement of objectives within the field of activity. These objectives are derived from the overall planning of Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH and are compatible with the strategic goals of the company. These objectives are geared towards a long-term and sustainable commercial success. Personal goals are defined between the employee and their superior at the beginning of the year, reviewed during the year and evaluated at the end of the year.

Method of payment
The fixed salary is paid in 12 equal parts latest by the 27th of a month. The payment of any variable compensation takes place in general once during the second quarter of the following year.

Data regarding the compensation plan according to the regulation “Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions”
The entire personnel expenses, including social security contributions and occupational pension schemes, amounted to 285,321 Euro for the financial year 2014, of which around 98.6% account for fixed compensation elements. The share of the variable compensation elements of the overall personnel expenses thus was at around 1.4%.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact us.

Schwindstraße 10
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Email: info@dolphinvest.eu
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